read.euring2000plus {birdring}R Documentation

Reads EURING data of the format 2000\+ into R


Reads EURING data (format EURING exchange code 2000\+) into R and creates a data.frame





character string of the psv-file obtained from EURING (format: exchange code 2000\+)


A data.frame containing the following variables from the EURING 2000\+ code:

scheme Factor ringing scheme (code)
id.method Factor identification method
ring Factor ring number
ring.verif character verification of the metal ring character metal ring information character other marks information
spec.byringer character species + subsp., mentioned by person
spec.byscheme character species + subsp., concluded by scheme
manipulated character manipulated
moved character moved before the (re)capture/recovery
catching.method character catching method
catching.lures character catching lures
sex.byringer character sex, by the person who handled the bird
sex.byscheme character sex, as concluded by scheme
age.byringer character age, by the person who handled the bird
age.byscheme character age, as concluded by scheme
status character status
broodsize character broodsize
pullus.age character pullus age
pullus.age.acc character accuracy of pullus age
day numeric day of record, derived from date
month numeric month of record, derived from date
year numeric year of record, derived from date
date.acc character accuracy of date
time character time
place.code character place code
country character country extracted from place code
region character region (county) extracted from place code
lat numeric latitude in decimal coordinates
lon numeric longitude in decimal coordinates
coord.acc character accuracy of coordinates
condition character condition
circumstances character finding circumstances
circumstances.presumed character finding circumstances presumed
euring.codeid character EURING-code identifier
distance numeric distance to place of ringing (km)
direction numeric direction to place of ringing (km)
time.elapsed numeric time since ringing (days)
wing.length numeric maximum chord measurement in mm, Svensson (1992)
third.primary numeric Length of the third primary feather, in mm
state.of.wing.point character condition of the longest primary feather
mass numeric body, in grams, measured to a maximum precision of 0.1 g.
moult character code for main, clearly identifiable moult states
plumage.code character extra information to enhance age code
hind.claw numeric in mm, for details of method see Svensson (1992)
bill.length numeric in mm, see du Feu (2012).
bill.method character a single letter code, for details see Svensson (1992).
total.head.length numeric in mm, see du Feu (2012)
tarsus numeric in mm, see du Feu (2012)
tarsus.method character tarsus method used, see du Feu (2012)
tail.length numeric in mm, details of the method see Svensson (1992).
tail.difference numeric according to Svensson (1992)
fat.score numeric fat score, see du Feu (2012) for details.
fat.score.method character fat score method used, see du Feu (2012)
pectoral.muscle numeric state of pectoral muscle
brood.patch character state of the brood patch in the breeding season
primary.score numeric the sum of the primary moult scores
primary.moult character state of the 10 primary feathers
old.greater.coverts numeric the number of unmoulted greater coverts
alula character state of the three alula feathers
carpal.covert numeric state of moult of the carpal covert: 0=old, 1=new.
sexing.method character for code description see du Feu (2012).

For three additional optional variables, see du Feu (2012).


Fraenzi Korner-Nievergelt


du Feu et al. 2012: EURING exchange-code 2000\+.


filename <- system.file("extdata", "REEWAExport_50.psv", package = "birdring")
dat <-  read.euring2000plus(filename)

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