qhull.opt {betapart}R Documentation

Specifying control Values for convexhull volume estimation


Set the default value to use inside the functional.betapart.core and functional.betapart.pairwise functions. It defined the options to use with the convhulln fonction.


qhull.opt(conv1 = "QJ", conv2 = NULL)



A character vector specifying qhull options.


A character vector specifying qhull options to use if the internal computation of convexhull volumes generates an error. By default (NULL) NA is returned.


conv1 defined options that will be use systematically when calling convhulln to estimate the convexhull volume of the intersection, while conv2 whill be used only if the first call to convhulln would have generated an error. For the complete list of possible options see For the list of options see http://www.qhull.org/html/qh-optq.htm. By default, no option are passed which would generates NA if internal error. Setting one of the two elements to "QJ" can solve different issues with very close numerical estimation (difference lower than 1e-4 in our tests).


A named list of two elements.

See Also

inter_rcdd, inter_geom, convhulln.


## Not run: qhull.opt()
qhull.opt(conv1 = 'QJ')
qhull.opt(conv1 = "Qt", conv2 = 'QJ')
## End(Not run)

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