genus_to_species {benthos}R Documentation

Genus to Species Conversion


This alorithm reallocates the counts of taxa, that are only indentified at the genus level to taxa in the same sampling unit and of the same genus but that are identified on the species level. The redistribution of counts is proportional to the number of counts at the species level.


genus_to_species(is_genus, count)



logical vector with elements TRUE if the corresponding taxon is on the genus level, and FALSE if it is on the species level.


numeric vector with elements giving the counts of each corresponding taxon.


numeric vector with updated counts. The counts for the taxon on the genus level have been set to zero.


Parameters is_genus and count are of the same length and correspond to the same taxon.

The resulting counts are not necessarily integers.


     genus_to_species(is_genus = c(TRUE, FALSE, FALSE), count = c(3, 10, 20))
     genus_to_species(is_genus = c(TRUE, FALSE, FALSE), count = c(1, 10, 20))

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