gplot {bde}R Documentation

Bounded Density Plotting based on ggplot2


Function to plot bounded density probability density functions.



A bounded density estimator or a list of bounded density estimators. See all the accepted classes here by running the command getSubclasses("BoundedDensity").


Logical value. If FALSE the density of the BoundedDensity object in .Object is not plotted but only the ggplot2 graphical object is returned. This object can be used for further modifications and plots. If TRUE ggplot2 graphical object is returned and also the density is plotted.


Logical value. It determines whether or not the point used to estimate the density (dataPoints) are included in the plot. Note that, in order to improve the visualization, the points are jittered in the Y axis. When the amount of points is very high, jittering is not enough; in that case, the alpha parameter can be used to control the transparency of the points.


Usual line width graphical parameter. See ?par for more information


A value between 0 and 1 indicating the transparency of the points when they are included in the plot




Wickham, H. (2009). ggplot2: Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis. Springer.

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