baselineAlgorithmsGUI {baseline}R Documentation

List of available baseline algorithms for GUI function


A list with data.frames containing parameters, minimum and maximum values for GUIs, step lengths for sliders, default values and currently selected values, plus a short description of each parameter. The list is used by the GUIs, and is user customizable.


The list is not meant for usage by end-users, but is extendable and customizable, allowing for extra algorithms, removal of algoritms or changing of parameter sets.


## Get a list of all algorithms:
## Add new algorithm:
baselineAlgorithmsGUI$my.alg <-,20,1,1, 0,20,1,1), 2,4, byrow=TRUE))
dimnames(baselineAlgorithmsGUI$my.alg) <- list(par=c("kappa", "gamma"),
baselineAlgorithmsGUI$my.alg$current <- c(1,1)
baselineAlgorithmsGUI$my.alg$name <- c("Subtractive constand", "Additive constant")

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