baselineAlgorithms {baseline}R Documentation

List of available baseline algorithms


A list with descriptions of all baseline algorithms available through the optimisaiont framework and graphical user interface. The elements of the list are baselineAlg objects. The list is used by the code to extract names and information about the baseline algorithms.


The list is not meant for usage by end-users, but is extendable and customizable, allowing for extra algorithms or removal of algoritms.

The names of the list must match the name slot of the elements.


## Get a list of all algorithms:
## Show the descriptions
sapply(baselineAlgorithms, description)
## Add new algorithm <- function(spectra, kappa=1, gamma=1){
   baseline  <- spectra-kappa+gamma
   corrected <- spectra-baseline

baselineAlgorithms$my.alg = new("baselineAlg",
     name = "my.alg",
     description = "A new baseline correction algorithm",
     funcName = "",
     param = data.frame(
        name = c("kappa","gamma"), # maxit
        integer = c(FALSE, FALSE),
        min = c(0, 0),
        incl.min = c(TRUE, TRUE),
        default = c(1, 1),
        max = c(Inf, 1),
        incl.max = c(FALSE, TRUE)

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