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Plot turbulence intensity site classification


Plots the turbulence intensity and site classification after IEC.


turb.iec.plot(mast, set, subset, ...)
iec(mast, set, subset, ...)



Met mast object created by mast.


Set used for plotting specified as set number or set name.


Optional start and end time stamp for a data subset, as string vector c(start, end). The time stamps format shall follow the rules of ISO 8601 international standard, e.g. "2012-08-08 22:55:00".


Optional graphical parameters, see below for details.


The IEC defines wind turbine classes by wind speed and turbulence characteristics. In terms of turbulence intensity three reference values (at 15 m/s) are defined:

Turbulence class Reference value
A 0.16
B 0.14
C 0.12

plotTurbIEC plots these IEC references together with the sites values to allow for a classification.

See turbulence for a definition of turbulence intensity.

Optional graphical parameters

The following graphical parameters can optionally be added to customize the plot:


Christian Graul


International Electrotechnical Commission (2005) IEC 61400-1 Wind Turbines – Part 1: Design Requirements. IEC Standard

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## Not run: 
# load and prepare data
data("winddata", package="bReeze")
set40 <- set(height=40, v.avg=winddata[,2], v.std=winddata[,5])
set30 <- set(height=30, v.avg=winddata[,6], v.std=winddata[,9])
set20 <- set(height=20, v.avg=winddata[,10], v.std=winddata[,13])
ts <- timestamp(timestamp=winddata[,1])
neubuerg <- mast(timestamp=ts, set40, set30, set20)
neubuerg <- clean(mast=neubuerg)

# plot
turb.iec.plot(mast=neubuerg, set=1)
turb.iec.plot(mast=neubuerg, set="set1")	# same as above

# data subsets
turb.iec.plot(mast=neubuerg, set=1, 
  subset=c("2009-12-01 00:00:00", "2009-12-31 23:50:00"))
turb.iec.plot(mast=neubuerg, set=1,  
  subset=c("2010-01-01 00:00:00", NA)) # just 'start' time stamp
turb.iec.plot(mast=neubuerg, set=1, 
  subset=c(NA, "2009-12-31 23:50:00")) # just 'end' time stamp

# customize plot
turb.iec.plot(mast=neubuerg, set=1, bty="l", cex.axis=0.8, cex.lab=0.9, 
  cex.leg=0.7, col.axis="darkblue", col.box="lightblue", col.lab=
  "darkblue", col.leg="darkblue", col.ticks="darkblue", las=0, 
  leg.text=c("IEC class A", "IEC class B", "IEC class C", "measured"), 
  mar=c(3,3,0.5,0.5), mgp=c(1.8,0.5,0), pos.leg="top", xlab="v [m/s]", 
  ylab="ti [-]", xlim=c(0,25), ylim=c(0,0.5), x.intersp=1, y.intersp=1)

# customize bars
turb.iec.plot(mast=neubuerg, set=1, col="gray", border="black", space=0.6)

# customize lines
turb.iec.plot(mast=neubuerg, set=1, line=gray(1:3 / 10), lty=2:4, 

## End(Not run)

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