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Plot diurnal wind speed


Plots the diurnal variation of wind speed or wind direction.


day.plot(mast, set, dir.set=set, signal, num.sectors=NULL, subset, ...)
day(mast, set, dir.set=set, signal, num.sectors=NULL, subset, ...)



Met mast object created by mast.


Set used for plotting, specified as set number or set name. Argument is optional – if missing, all sets containing the choosen signal are used.


Direction set used for sectoral splitting of the data, specified as set number or set name. Argument is used for sectoral plotting only (see num.sectors).


Signal to be plotted as string.


Number of wind direction sectors as integer value greater 1. Argument is optional – if not NULL, data is splitted into directional sectors for plotting. Sectoral plots are available only for single sets.


Optional start and end time stamp for a data subset, as string vector c(start, end). The time stamps format shall follow the rules of ISO 8601 international standard, e.g. "2012-08-08 22:55:00".


Optional graphical parameters, see below for details.


plotDay reveals diurnal variations of a signal. The plot may show outliers that indicate data inconsistancy.

Optional graphical parameters

The following graphical parameters can optionally be added to customize the plot:


Christian Graul

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## Not run: 
# load and prepare data
data("winddata", package="bReeze")
set40 <- set(height=40, v.avg=winddata[,2], dir.avg=winddata[,14])
set30 <- set(height=30, v.avg=winddata[,6], dir.avg=winddata[,16])
set20 <- set(height=20, v.avg=winddata[,10])
ts <- timestamp(timestamp=winddata[,1])
neubuerg <- mast(timestamp=ts, set40, set30, set20)
neubuerg <- clean(mast=neubuerg)

# plot all datasets
day.plot(mast=neubuerg, signal="v.avg")
day.plot(mast=neubuerg, signal="dir.avg")

# plot one dataset
day.plot(mast=neubuerg, set=1, signal="v.avg")
day.plot(mast=neubuerg, set="set1", signal="v.avg")	# same as above
day.plot(mast=neubuerg, set=2, signal="dir.avg")

# sectoral plot
day.plot(mast=neubuerg, set=1, signal="v.avg", num.sectors=8)

# data subsets
day.plot(mast=neubuerg, signal="v.avg", 
  subset=c("2009-12-01 00:00:00", "2009-12-31 23:50:00"))
day.plot(mast=neubuerg, signal="v.avg",  
  subset=c("2010-01-01 00:00:00", NA)) # just 'start' time stamp
day.plot(mast=neubuerg, set=1, signal="v.avg", num.sectors=4, 
  subset=c(NA, "2009-12-31 23:50:00")) # just 'end' time stamp

# customize plot
day.plot(mast=neubuerg, signal="v.avg", 
  bty="l", cex.axis=0.8, cex.lab=0.9, cex.leg=0.7, 
  col=c("darkgreen", "royalblue", "purple"), col.axis="darkgray","darkgray", col.lab="darkgray", col.leg="darkgray", 
  col.ticks="darkgray", las=2, lty=c(2,3,4), lwd=1.5, mar=c(3, 3, 0.5, 0.5), 
  mgp=c(1.5, 0.5, 0), pos.leg="topleft", xlab="hour", ylab="velocity", 
  ylim=c(3.5,6), x.intersp=1, y.intersp=1)

## End(Not run)

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