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Calculate availability for pairs of wind speed and direction


Calculates the availability for pairs of wind speed and wind direction of a met mast.


availability(mast, v.set, dir.set, subset, digits=1, print=TRUE)
avail(mast, v.set, dir.set, subset, digits=1, print=TRUE)

## S3 method for class 'availability'
plot(x, set, ...)



Met mast object created by mast.


Set(s) to be used for wind speed, specified as set number(s) or set name(s). Argument is optional – if missing, all sets containing wind speed and wind direction data are used.


Set(s) to be used for wind direction, specified as set number(s) or set name(s). Argument is optional – if missing, the set(s) used for wind speed data will also be used for wind direction.


Optional start and end time stamp for a data subset, as string vector c(start, end). The time stamps format shall follow the rules of ISO 8601 international standard, e.g. "2012-08-08 22:55:00".


Number of decimal places to be used for results as numeric value. Default is 1.


If TRUE (the default), results are printed directly.


Availability object created by availability.


Number of dataset to be plotted, specified as set number or set name (optional).


Arguments to be passed to methods. For optional graphical parameters see below.


The availability is the number of pairs of valid wind speed and valid wind direction data samples as a percentage of the total possible for the measurement period, i.e.:

Availability = N(v_valid & dir_valid) / N

where N is the total possible number of samples and v_valid & dir_valid is a pair of valid wind speed and direction data.

Causes of invalid or missing data are manifold. Typical causes are icing and defects of sensors or other measurement equipment.


Returns a list of sub lists for each pair of v.set/dir.set containing:


Total availability (%), effective period (days) and total period (days) of a set/pair of wind speed and direction.


Availability per day, i.e. number of samples per day.

Optional graphical parameters

The following graphical parameters can optionally be added to customize the plot:


Christian Graul


Brower, M., Marcus, M., Taylor, M., Bernadett, D., Filippelli, M., Beaucage, P., Hale, E., Elsholz, K., Doane, J., Eberhard, M., Tensen, J., Ryan, D. (2010) Wind Resource Assessment Handbook. http://www.renewablenrgsystems.com/TechSupport/~/media/Files/PDFs/wind_resource_handbook.ashx

See Also

mast, clean


## Not run: 
## load and prepare data
data("winddata", package="bReeze")
set40 <- set(height=40, v.avg=winddata[,2], v.std=winddata[,5],
set30 <- set(height=30, v.avg=winddata[,6], v.std=winddata[,9],
set20 <- set(height=20, v.avg=winddata[,10], v.std=winddata[,13])
ts <- timestamp(timestamp=winddata[,1])
neubuerg <- mast(timestamp=ts, set40=set40, set30=set30, 
neubuerg <- clean(mast=neubuerg)

## calculate availability
neubuerg.avail <- availability(mast=neubuerg)

# compare the total availability of 'set40' and 'set30'

# check the daily availability of 'set40'

# note: availability for 'set20' is missing - its availability is NULL,
# since it does not contain wind direction data

# calculate availability for 'set20' using wind direction data from 'set40'
set20.avail <- availability(mast=neubuerg, v.set=3, dir.set=1)
# same as above
set20.avail <- availability(mast=neubuerg, v.set="set20", dir.set="set40")

# calculate availability for all sets using wind direction data from 'set40'
neubuerg.avail <- availability(mast=neubuerg, v.set=c(1,2,3), dir.set=1)

# data subsets
availability(mast=neubuerg, v.set=1, 
  subset=c("2009-12-01 00:10:00", "2009-12-31 23:50:00"))
availability(mast=neubuerg, v.set=1, 
  subset=c("2010-01-01 00:10:00", NA)) # just 'start' time stamp
availability(mast=neubuerg, v.set=1, 
  subset=c(NA, "2009-12-31 23:50:00")) # just 'end' time stamp

# change number of digits and hide results
neubuerg.avail <- availability(mast=neubuerg, digits=0)
neubuerg.avail <- availability(mast=neubuerg, print=FALSE)

## plot availability objects
plot(neubuerg.avail)  # default
plot(neubuerg.avail, set=2)	 # one dataset
plot(neubuerg.avail, set="set30")  # same as above
plot(neubuerg.avail, set=c(1,2))  # several datasets

# customize plot
plot(neubuerg.avail, border="darkgray", cex.axis=0.7, 
  cex.lab=0.9, col=c("darkgreen", "orange", "red4"), col.axis="blue", 
  col.lab="blue", fill=c("lightgreen", "yellow", "red"), lwd=0.5, 
  mar=c(1,1,1,1), plot.names=FALSE, xlab="jour", ylab="mois")

## End(Not run)

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