data_type_datetime {azuremlsdk}R Documentation

Configure conversion to datetime.


Configure conversion to datetime.


data_type_datetime(formats = NULL)



Formats to try for datetime conversion. For example %d-%m-%Y for data in "day-month-year", and %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%f for "combined date an time representation" according to ISO 8601.

  • %Y: Year with 4 digits

  • %y: Year with 2 digits

  • %m: Month in digits

  • %b: Month represented by its abbreviated name in 3 letters, like Aug

  • %B: Month represented by its full name, like August

  • %d: Day in digits

  • %H: Hour as represented in 24-hour clock time

  • %I: Hour as represented in 12-hour clock time

  • %M: Minute in 2 digits

  • %S: Second in 2 digits

  • %f: Microsecond

  • %p: AM/PM designator

  • %z: Timezone, for example: -0700

Format specifiers will be inferred if not specified. Inference requires that the data source is accessible from current compute.


Converted DataType object.

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