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Define a Bandit policy for early termination of HyperDrive runs


Bandit is an early termination policy based on slack factor/slack amount and evaluation interval. The policy early terminates any runs where the primary metric is not within the specified slack factor/slack amount with respect to the best performing training run.


  slack_factor = NULL,
  slack_amount = NULL,
  evaluation_interval = 1L,
  delay_evaluation = 0L



A double of the ratio of the allowed distance from the best performing run.


A double of the absolute distance allowed from the best performing run.


An integer of the frequency for applying policy.


An integer of the number of intervals for which to delay the first evaluation.


The BanditPolicy object.


The Bandit policy takes the following configuration parameters:

Any run that doesn't fall within the slack factor or slack amount of the evaluation metric with respect to the best performing run will be terminated.

Consider a Bandit policy with slack_factor = 0.2 and evaluation_interval = 100. Assume that run X is the currently best performing run with an AUC (performance metric) of 0.8 after 100 intervals. Further, assume the best AUC reported for a run is Y. This policy compares the value (Y + Y * 0.2) to 0.8, and if smaller, cancels the run. If delay_evaluation = 200, then the first time the policy will be applied is at interval 200.

Now, consider a Bandit policy with slack_amount = 0.2 and evaluation_interval = 100. If run 3 is the currently best performing run with an AUC (performance metric) of 0.8 after 100 intervals, then any run with an AUC less than 0.6 (0.8 - 0.2) after 100 iterations will be terminated. Similarly, the delay_evaluation can also be used to delay the first termination policy evaluation for a specific number of sequences.


# In this example, the early termination policy is applied at every interval
# when metrics are reported, starting at evaluation interval 5. Any run whose
# best metric is less than (1 / (1 + 0.1)) or 91\% of the best performing run will
# be terminated
## Not run: 
early_termination_policy = bandit_policy(slack_factor = 0.1,
                                         evaluation_interval = 1L,
                                         delay_evaluation = 5L)

## End(Not run)

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