score {auditor}R Documentation

Model Scores computations


This function provides several scores for model validation and performance assessment. Scores can be also used to compare models.


score(object, type = "mse", data = NULL, ...)



An object of class explainer created with function explain from the DALEX package.


The score to be calculated. Possible values: acc, auc, cookdistance, dw, f1, gini, halfnormal, mae, mse, peak, precision, r2, rec, recall, rmse, rroc, runs, specificity, one_minus_acc, one_minus_auc, one_minus_f1, one_minus_gini, one_minus_precision, one_minus_recall, one_minus_specificity (for detailed description see functions in see also section).


New data that will be used to calculate the score. Pass NULL if you want to use data from object.


Other arguments dependent on the type of score.


An object of class auditor_score, except Cooks distance, where numeric vector is returned.

See Also

score_acc, score_auc, score_cooksdistance, score_dw, score_f1, score_gini score_halfnormal, score_mae, score_mse, score_peak, score_precision, score_r2, score_rec, score_recall, score_rmse, score_rroc, score_runs, score_specificity, score_one_minus_acc, score_one_minus_auc, score_one_minus_f1, score_one_minus_gini, score_one_minus_precision, score_one_minus_recall, score_one_minus_specificity


dragons <- DALEX::dragons[1:100, ]

# fit a model
model_lm <- lm(life_length ~ ., data = dragons)

lm_audit <- audit(model_lm, data = dragons, y = dragons$life_length)

# calculate score
score(lm_audit, type = 'mae')

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