summary.ata {ata}R Documentation

Generic Summary Function for Class ata


Default summary function for output objects of class ata. The function provides a brief summary of the ATA form in text, and provides a binary table of constraint success.


\method{summary}{ata}(object, ...)



An output object of class ata generated by either wdm() or atalp() from the package.


Additional arguments affecting the summary produced.


The function returns a statement summarizing the evaluation of the assembled test form. Additionally, the function will return a pattern matrix for the test form constraints if assigned to an object.


A summary of items (and/or item sets) in the test form and the overview of constraint success.


A matrix of constraints by a classification if the additive constraints are below, at or above the constraint specific user provided bounds. This matrix, only returned if summary.ata is assigned to an object, will always demonstrate meeting all criteria for atalp test forms as all criteria have to be met to obtain a feasible solution.


Gulsah Gurkan (, Michael Chajewski (

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