fixFeckingPresolve {aslib}R Documentation

Bakes presolving stuff into a LLAMA data frame.


Determines whether any of the feature groups in the LLAMA data frame presolve any of the instances. If so, the performances of all algorithms in the portfolio are set to the runtime of the first used feature group that presolves the respective instance. Furthermore, the success of all algorithms on those instances is set to true.


fixFeckingPresolve(asscenario, ldf)



Algorithm selection scenario.


[LLAMA data frame]
LLAMA data frame to modify.


These modifications are done on the main LLAMA data and on any test splits. They are *not* done on the training data. This function should only ever be used to evaluate the performance of an actual selector that uses features (i.e. not VBS or single best). Using it in polite company is to be avoided.


The LLAMA data frame with presolving baked into the algorithm performances.

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