ASScenarioDesc {aslib}R Documentation

S3 class for ASScenarioDesc.


Object members


scenario_id [character(1)]

Name of scenario.

performance_measures [character]

Names of measures.

maximize [named character]

Maximize measure?

performance_type [named character]

Either “runtime” or “solution_quality”.

algorithm_cutoff_time [numeric(1)]

Cutoff time for an algorithm run.

algorithm_cutoff_memory [numeric(1)]

Cutoff memory for an algorithm run.

features_cutoff_time [numeric(1)]

Cutoff time for a feature run.

features_cutoff_memory [numeric(1)]

Cutoff memory for a feature run.

feature_steps [named list of character]

Names of feature processing steps, the other feature steps they require, and the features they provide.

metainfo_algorithms [named list of lists of character]

Names of algorithms and meta-information about them.

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