readApdMap {aroma.apd}R Documentation

Reads an APD probe map file


Reads an APD probe map file.


## Default S3 method:
readApdMap(filename, path=NULL, ...)



The filename of the APD file.


The path to the APD file.


Arguments passed to readApd().


A named list with the two elements header and map. The header is in turn a list structure and the second is a numeric vector holding the probe map indices.

File format

The file format of an APD map file is identical to the file format of an APD file, see readApd(). The APD map file identified by the name of the data defaults to "map". If not, an error is thrown.


Henrik Bengtsson

See Also

To search for an APD map file, see findApdMap(). To create a cell index map from an CDF file, see readCdfUnitsWriteMap. Internally, readApd() is used.

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