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Reads the header of an Affymetrix probe data (APD) file


Reads the header of an Affymetrix probe data (APD) file.


## Default S3 method:
readApdHeader(filename, ..., verbose=FALSE, .checkArgs=TRUE)



The filename of the APD file.


Not used.


See Verbose.


If TRUE, arguments are validated, otherwise not.


The file format of an APD file is identical to the file format of an FileVector. Most elements of the APD header are stored in the comment character string of the file vector's header. The APD header nbrOfProbes is identical to the length of the file vector, and is not stored in the above comment string.


A named list. The numeric element nbrOfProbes is the number of probe values available in the APD file. The optional character element name specifies the name of the APD vector. The optional character element chipType specifies the chip type, cf. the same field in readCelHeader. The optional character element maptype specifies the type of probe-index map for this APD file. Its value can be used to find the mapping file, see findApdMap() and readApdMap(). All other fields are optional and character values.


Henrik Bengtsson

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## Not run: #See ?createApd for an example.

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