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magrittr - a Forward-Pipe Operator for R


An extended pipe operator %>% from magrittr package version 1.0.1. Enables archiving artifacts with their chaining code - see examples and vignettes.


lhs %a% rhs



An artifact that will be used as an argument of rhs by %a% operator.


A function call using lhs as an argument by %a% operator.


The extension works as follows, the result of %a% operator is archived together with lhs (as an artifact) and rhs (as a Tag). This allows to present a history of an artifact. This option works only if a default repository is set.


Bug reports and feature requests can be sent to https://github.com/pbiecek/archivist/issues


This function is well explained on this https://www.r-bloggers.com/2016/06/r-hero-saves-backup-city-with-archivist-and-github/ blog post.

See Also

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## Not run: 


## Usage of %a% operator without setting default repository
# We will receive sepcial warning
iris %a% summary()

## Archiving artifacts with their chaining code
# Creating empty repository
exampleRepoDir <- tempfile()
createLocalRepo( exampleRepoDir, default = TRUE ) # Remember to set repo to default

# Start using %a% operator
data("hflights", package = "hflights")
hflights %a%
  group_by(Year, Month, DayofMonth) %a%
  select(Year:DayofMonth, ArrDelay, DepDelay) %a%
  summarise(arr = mean(ArrDelay, na.rm = TRUE),
            dep = mean(DepDelay, na.rm = TRUE)) %a%
  filter(arr > 30 | dep > 30)
# Let's check how Tags of subsequent artifacts look like
getTagsLocal("a8ce013a8e66df222be278122423dc60", tag = "") #1
getTagsLocal("9d91fe67fd51f3bfdc9db0a596b12b38", tag = "") #2
getTagsLocal("617ded4953ac986524a1c24703363980", tag = "") #3
getTagsLocal("3f1ac0a27485be5d52e1b0a41d165abc", tag = "") #4
getTagsLocal("0cb04315482de73d7f5a1081953236f8", tag = "") #5
getTagsLocal("5629bc43e36d219b613076b17c665eda", tag = "") #6

# Deleting existing repository
deleteLocalRepo(exampleRepoDir, deleteRoot = TRUE)

## End(Not run)

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