Bargaining-Classes {antitrust}R Documentation

“Bargaining” Classes


Each class contains all the information needed to calibrate a specific type of demand system and perform a merger simulation analysis under the assumption that firms are playing a differentiated products Nash Bargaining game.

The “Bargaining” class is a building block used to create other classes in this package. As such, it is most likely to be useful for developers who wish to code their own calibration/simulation routines.

The “BargainingLogit” class has the information for a Nash Bargaining game with Logit demand.

Let k denote the number of products produced by all firms below.



A length k vector of pre-merger bargaining power parameters.


A length k vector of post-merger bargaining power parameters.


A length k vector of of observes prices.


A length k vector of of observes margins.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("Bargaining", ...).

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