Import, Manipulate and Explore the Results of an 'Antares' Simulation

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Documentation for package ‘antaresRead’ version 2.2.8

Help Pages

.writeIni Write ini file from list obtain by antaresRead:::readIniFile and modify by user
aggregateResult Creation of Mc_all (only antares > V6)
as.antaresDataList Convert objects to antaresDataTable
as.antaresDataList.antaresDataTable Convert objects to antaresDataTable Convert objects to antaresDataTable
as.antaresDataTable Convert objects to antaresDataTable Convert objects to antaresDataTable
changeTimeStep Change the timestep of an output
copyToClipboard Copy data to the clipboard
copyToClipboard.antaresDataList Copy data to the clipboard
extractDataList Format data PPSE-style
getAreas Select and exclude areas
getDistricts Select and exclude areas
getIdCols get Id columns
getLinks Retrieve links connected to a set of areas
hvdcModification hvdc straitement
isH5Opts Test if opts is h5
parAggregateMCall Creation of Mc_all (only antares > V6)
ponderateMcAggregation Mcyear aggregation weigthed by wd
readAntares Read the data of an Antares simulation
readAntaresAreas Read output for a list of areas
readBindingConstraints Read binding constraints
readClusterDesc Import clusters description
readInputTS Read Input time series
readLayout Read areas layout
readOptimCriteria Read Optimization Criteria
removeVirtualAreas Remove virtual areas
setAlias show aliases for variables
setHvdcAreas Set hvdc areas
setRam Specify RAM limit
setSimulationPath Set Path to an Antares simulation
showAliases show aliases for variables
simOptions Extract simulation options
subset.antaresDataList Subset an antaresDataList
summary.bindingConstraints Read binding constraints
viewAntares View the content of an antares output
writeAntaresH5 Convert antares output to h5 file