extractDataList {antaresRead}R Documentation

Format data PPSE-style


This function converts an "readAntares" object in the data structure used by PPSE : instead of having one table for areas, one for links and one for clusters, the function creates a list with one element per area. Each element is a data.table containing the data about the area and one column per cluster of the area containing the production of this cluster.


extractDataList(x, areas = NULL)



object of class "antaresData" or "antaresTable" created by the function readAntares


character vector containing the name of areas to keep in the final object. If NULL, all areas are kept in the final object.


a list of data.tables with one element per area. The list also contains an element named "areaList" containing the name of areas in the object and a table called "infos" that contains for each area the number of variables of different type (values, details, link).

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