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Extended Kalman Filters for Animal Movement


Synthetic generation of 1-D and 2-D correlated random walks (CRWs) for animal movement with behavioral switching, and particle filter estimation of movement parameters from observed trajectories using Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) model. See Ackerman (2018)


I am indebted to Dr. Mario Espinoza and co-authors for providing the shark observation data that inspired this work, and for allowing it to be included in this package. I am especially grateful to Dr. Espinoza for many discussions regarding the nuances of modeling animal movement, particularly for suggesting the idea of behavioral switching models.

I am grateful to my doctoral thesis advisors, Dr. Marc Sobel, Dr. Richard Heiberger, and Dr. Mike O'Connor for supervising my research in this topic. I am particularly grateful to Dr. Heiberger for his many hours in advising me on package design and on the shiny simulations in this package.


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