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Export the constants


This function exports to R the constants frecuently used in the C part of aiRthermo for consistency.




The constants stored in the vector are (in SI units): the gas constant for dry air R_d and for water vapour R_v (\frac{J}{Kkg}), the temperature T_0 corresponding to 0 degree Celsius, es_0 used to calculate the saturated vapour pressure (Pa), 1000 hPa in Pa (P1000), the specific heat of dry air for constant pressure c_p (\frac{J}{Kkg}) and for constant volume c_v (\frac{J}{Kkg}), acceleration due to gravity at sea level g (\frac{m}{s^2}), our definition of a missing value MISSING_VALUE (-99999999) and epsilon \varepsilon (\frac{R_d}{R_v}).

Constants are taken from Bohren & Albrecht (1998), and they are also consistent with those used in Petty (2008), Erukhimova & North (2009) and Davies-Jones (2009).


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Petty, G.W. (2008). A First Course in Atmospheric Thermodynamics, Sundog Publishing, Madison.

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