city200 {ahpsurvey}R Documentation

A dataframe of 200 simulated decision-makers based on Saaty (2004)


A data.frame of one decision-maker with weights the same as Saaty (2004), with the pairwise comparisons of atts: c('cult', 'fam', 'house', 'jobs', 'trans'), about a choosing the best city to live in based on five attributes: Culture, Family, House, Jobs, and Transportation. The choices of 200 decision-makers are simulated based on the underlying weights and randomness generated by a normal random distribution. The true weights are stored in data(city1). The normal random distribution was set with a mean at the true weight value and a standard deviation of ⁠2,1,2,1.5,2,1.5,2.5,0.5,0.5,1⁠ in chronological order of the columns in city200.




A data.frame with 200 row and 10 variables, which are pairwise comparisons of atts.


Saaty TL (2004). “Decision making — the Analytic Hierarchy and Network Processes (AHP/ANP).” Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, 13(1), 1–35. ISSN 1861-9576, doi: 10.1007/s11518-006-0151-5,

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