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The Insurance Company (TIC) Benchmark


caravan.train and caravan.test both contain a design matrix with 85 columns and a response vector. The train set consists of 70% of the data, with 4075 rows. The test set consists of the remaining 30% with 1747 rows. The following references the documentation within the ISLR package: The original data contains 5822 real customer records. Each record consists of 86 variables, containing sociodemographic data (variables 1-43) and product ownership (variables 44-86). The sociodemographic data is derived from zip codes. All customers living in areas with the same zip code have the same sociodemographic attributes. Variable 86 (Purchase) indicates whether the customer purchased a caravan insurance policy. Further information on the individual variables can be obtained at


caravan.train; caravan.test


Lists with a design matrix x and response y


The data was originally supplied by Sentient Machine Research and was used in the CoIL Challenge 2000.


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