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Retrieve a Dataset from the admiraldev_environment environment


Retrieve a Dataset from the admiraldev_environment environment





The name of the dataset to retrieve


Sometimes, developers may want to provide information to users which does not fit into a warning or error message. For example, if the input dataset of a function contains unexpected records, these can be stored in a separate dataset, which users can access to investigate the issue.

To achieve this, R has a data structure known as an 'environment'. These environment objects are created at build time, but can be populated with values after the package has been loaded and update those values over the course of an R session.

As so, the establishment of admiraldev_environment allows us to create dynamic data/objects based on user-inputs that need modification. The purpose of get_dataset is to retrieve the datasets contained inside admiraldev_environment.

Currently we only support two datasets inside our admiraldev_environment object:


A data.frame

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