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Derive Query Variables


Derive Query Variables


derive_vars_query(dataset, dataset_queries)



Input dataset


A dataset containing required columns PREFIX, GRPNAME, SRCVAR, TERMCHAR and/or TERMNUM, and optional columns GRPID, SCOPE, SCOPEN.

create_query_data() can be used to create the dataset.


This function can be used to derive CDISC variables such as SMQzzNAM, SMQzzCD, SMQzzSC, SMQzzSCN, and CQzzNAM in ADAE and ADMH, and variables such as SDGzzNAM, SDGzzCD, and SDGzzSC in ADCM. An example usage of this function can be found in the OCCDS vignette.

A query dataset is expected as an input to this function. See the Queries Dataset Documentation vignette for descriptions, or call data("queries") for an example of a query dataset.

For each unique element in PREFIX, the corresponding "NAM" variable will be created. For each unique PREFIX, if GRPID is not "" or NA, then the corresponding "CD" variable is created; similarly, if SCOPE is not "" or NA, then the corresponding "SC" variable will be created; if SCOPEN is not "" or NA, then the corresponding "SCN" variable will be created.

For each record in dataset, the "NAM" variable takes the value of GRPNAME if the value of TERMCHAR or TERMNUM in dataset_queries matches the value of the respective SRCVAR in dataset. Note that TERMCHAR in dataset_queries dataset may be NA only when TERMNUM is non-NA and vice versa. The matching is case insensitive. The "CD", "SC", and "SCN" variables are derived accordingly based on GRPID, SCOPE, and SCOPEN respectively, whenever not missing.


The input dataset with query variables derived.

See Also


OCCDS Functions: derive_var_trtemfl(), derive_vars_atc(), get_terms_from_db()


adae <- tribble(
  "01", "2020-06-02 23:59:59", "ALANINE AMINOTRANSFERASE ABNORMAL",
  3, "Alanine aminotransferase abnormal", NA_character_, NA_integer_,
  "02", "2020-06-05 23:59:59", "BASEDOW'S DISEASE",
  5, "Basedow's disease", NA_character_, 1L,
  "03", "2020-06-07 23:59:59", "SOME TERM",
  2, "Some query", "Some term", NA_integer_,
  "05", "2020-06-09 23:59:59", "ALVEOLAR PROTEINOSIS",
  7, "Alveolar proteinosis", NA_character_, NA_integer_
derive_vars_query(adae, queries)

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