derive_var_obs_number {admiral}R Documentation

Adds a Variable Numbering the Observations Within Each By Group


Adds a variable numbering the observations within each by group


  by_vars = NULL,
  order = NULL,
  new_var = ASEQ,
  check_type = "none"



Input dataset

The variables specified by the by_vars and order arguments are expected to be in the dataset.


Grouping variables

Permitted Values: list of variables created by exprs() e.g. exprs(USUBJID, VISIT)


Sort order

Within each by group the observations are ordered by the specified order.

For handling of NAs in sorting variables see Sort Order.

Permitted Values: list of variables or functions of variables


Name of variable to create

The new variable is set to the observation number for each by group. The numbering starts with 1.

Default: ASEQ


Check uniqueness?

If "warning" or "error" is specified, the specified message is issued if the observations of the input dataset are not unique with respect to the by variables and the order.

Default: "none"

Permitted Values: "none", "warning", "error"


For each group (with respect to the variables specified for the by_vars parameter) the first or last observation (with respect to the order specified for the order parameter and the mode specified for the mode parameter) is included in the output dataset.


A dataset containing all observations and variables of the input dataset and additionally the variable specified by the new_var parameter.

See Also

General Derivation Functions for all ADaMs that returns variable appended to dataset: derive_var_extreme_flag(), derive_var_joined_exist_flag(), derive_var_merged_ef_msrc(), derive_var_merged_exist_flag(), derive_var_merged_summary(), derive_var_relative_flag(), derive_vars_computed(), derive_vars_joined(), derive_vars_merged(), derive_vars_merged_lookup(), derive_vars_transposed()


library(dplyr, warn.conflicts = FALSE)
vs <- tribble(
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-703-1182",   "DIABP",         3,       815,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-703-1182",   "DIABP",         3,       816,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-703-1182",   "DIABP",         4,       815,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-703-1182",   "DIABP",         4,       816,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-703-1182",   "PULSE",         3,       815,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-703-1182",   "PULSE",         3,       816,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-703-1182",   "PULSE",         4,       815,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-703-1182",   "PULSE",         4,       816,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-703-1182",   "SYSBP",         3,       815,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-703-1182",   "SYSBP",         3,       816,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-703-1182",   "SYSBP",         4,       815,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-703-1182",   "SYSBP",         4,       816,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-716-1229",   "DIABP",         3,       815,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-716-1229",   "DIABP",         3,       816,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-716-1229",   "DIABP",         4,       815,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-716-1229",   "DIABP",         4,       816,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-716-1229",   "PULSE",         3,       815,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-716-1229",   "PULSE",         3,       816,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-716-1229",   "PULSE",         4,       815,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-716-1229",   "PULSE",         4,       816,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-716-1229",   "SYSBP",         3,       815,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-716-1229",   "SYSBP",         3,       816,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-716-1229",   "SYSBP",         4,       815,
  "PILOT01",    "VS", "01-716-1229",   "SYSBP",         4,       816
vs %>%
    by_vars = exprs(USUBJID, VSTESTCD),
    order = exprs(VISITNUM, desc(VSTPTNUM))

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