derive_var_atoxgr_dir {admiral}R Documentation

Derive Lab Toxicity Grade 0 - 4


Derives a character lab grade based on severity/toxicity criteria.


  signif_dig = get_admiral_option("signif_digits")



Input dataset

The variables specified by the tox_description_var argument are expected to be in the dataset.


Name of the character grade variable to create, for example, ATOXGRH or ATOXGRL.


Variable containing the description of the grading criteria. For example: "Anemia" or "INR Increased".


Metadata data set holding the criteria (normally a case statement)

Permitted Values: atoxgr_criteria_ctcv4, atoxgr_criteria_ctcv5, atoxgr_criteria_daids

  • atoxgr_criteria_ctcv4 implements Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE) v4.0

  • atoxgr_criteria_ctcv5 implements Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE) v5.0

  • atoxgr_criteria_daids implements Division of AIDS (DAIDS) Table for Grading the Severity of Adult and Pediatric Adverse Events

    The metadata should have the following variables:

  • TERM: variable to hold the term describing the criteria applied to a particular lab test, eg. "Anemia" or "INR Increased". Note: the variable is case insensitive.

  • DIRECTION: variable to hold the direction of the abnormality of a particular lab test value. "L" is for LOW values, "H" is for HIGH values. Note: the variable is case insensitive.

  • SI_UNIT_CHECK: variable to hold unit of particular lab test. Used to check against input data if criteria is based on absolute values.

  • VAR_CHECK: variable to hold comma separated list of variables used in criteria. Used to check against input data that variables exist.

  • GRADE_CRITERIA_CODE: variable to hold code that creates grade based on defined criteria.

  • FILTER: Required only for DAIDS grading, specifies admiral code to filter the lab data based on a subset of subjects (e.g. AGE > 18 YEARS)


Direction (L= Low, H = High) of toxicity grade.

Permitted Values: "L", "H"


An expression providing the unit of the parameter

The result is used to check the units of the input parameters. Compared with SI_UNIT_CHECK in metadata (see meta_criteria parameter).

Permitted Values: A variable containing unit from the input dataset, or a function call, for example, get_unit_expr = extract_unit(PARAM).


Number of significant digits to use when comparing a lab value against another value.

Significant digits used to avoid floating point discrepancies when comparing numeric values. See blog: How admiral handles floating points


new_var is derived with values NA, "0", "1", "2", "3", "4", where "4" is the most severe grade


The input dataset with the character variable added

See Also

BDS-Findings Functions that returns variable appended to dataset: derive_basetype_records(), derive_var_analysis_ratio(), derive_var_anrind(), derive_var_atoxgr(), derive_var_base(), derive_var_chg(), derive_var_ontrtfl(), derive_var_pchg(), derive_var_shift()



data <- tribble(
  ~ATOXDSCL,                    ~AVAL, ~ANRLO, ~ANRHI, ~PARAM,
  "Hypoglycemia",               119,   4,      7,      "Glucose (mmol/L)",
  "Lymphocyte count decreased", 0.7,   1,      4,      "Lymphocytes Abs (10^9/L)",
  "Anemia",                     129,   120,    180,    "Hemoglobin (g/L)",
  "White blood cell decreased", 10,    5,      20,     "White blood cell (10^9/L)",
  "White blood cell decreased", 15,    5,      20,     "White blood cell (10^9/L)",
  "Anemia",                     140,   120,    180,    "Hemoglobin (g/L)"

  new_var = ATOXGRL,
  tox_description_var = ATOXDSCL,
  meta_criteria = atoxgr_criteria_ctcv5,
  criteria_direction = "L",
  get_unit_expr = extract_unit(PARAM)

data <- tribble(
  ~ATOXDSCH,                     ~AVAL,  ~ANRLO,   ~ANRHI, ~PARAM,
  "CPK increased",               129,    0,        30,     "Creatine Kinase (U/L)",
  "Lymphocyte count increased",  4,      1,        4,      "Lymphocytes Abs (10^9/L)",
  "Lymphocyte count increased",  2,      1,        4,      "Lymphocytes Abs (10^9/L)",
  "CPK increased",               140,    120,      180,    "Creatine Kinase (U/L)"

  new_var = ATOXGRH,
  tox_description_var = ATOXDSCH,
  meta_criteria = atoxgr_criteria_ctcv5,
  criteria_direction = "H",
  get_unit_expr = extract_unit(PARAM)

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