derive_var_atoxgr_dir {admiral}R Documentation

Derive Lab Toxicity Grade 0 - 4


Derives a character lab grade based on severity/toxicity criteria.


  signif_dig = 15



Input data set

The columns specified by tox_description_var parameter is expected.


Name of the character grade variable to create, for example, ATOXGRH or ATOXGRL.


Variable containing the description of the grading criteria. For example: "Anemia" or "INR Increased".


Metadata data set holding the criteria (normally a case statement)

Permitted Values: atoxgr_criteria_ctcv4, atoxgr_criteria_ctcv5, atoxgr_criteria_daids

  • atoxgr_criteria_ctcv4 implements Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE) v4.0

  • atoxgr_criteria_ctcv5 implements Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE) v5.0

  • atoxgr_criteria_daids implements Division of AIDS (DAIDS) Table for Grading the Severity of Adult and Pediatric Adverse Events

    The metadata should have the following variables:

  • TERM: variable to hold the term describing the criteria applied to a particular lab test, eg. "Anemia" or "INR Increased". Note: the variable is case insensitive.

  • DIRECTION: variable to hold the direction of the abnormality of a particular lab test value. "L" is for LOW values, "H" is for HIGH values. Note: the variable is case insensitive.

  • SI_UNIT_CHECK: variable to hold unit of particular lab test. Used to check against input data if criteria is based on absolute values.

  • VAR_CHECK: variable to hold comma separated list of variables used in criteria. Used to check against input data that variables exist.

  • GRADE_CRITERIA_CODE: variable to hold code that creates grade based on defined criteria.

  • FILTER: Required only for DAIDS grading, specifies admiral code to filter the lab data based on a subset of subjects (e.g. AGE > 18 YEARS)


Direction (L= Low, H = High) of toxicity grade.

Permitted Values: "L", "H"


An expression providing the unit of the parameter

The result is used to check the units of the input parameters. Compared with SI_UNIT_CHECK in metadata (see meta_criteria parameter).

Permitted Values: A variable containing unit from the input dataset, or a function call, for example, get_unit_expr = extract_unit(PARAM).


Number of significant digits to use when comparing a lab value against another value.

Significant digits used to avoid floating point discrepancies when comparing numeric values.


new_var is derived with values NA, "0", "1", "2", "3", "4", where "4" is the most severe grade


The input dataset with the character variable added

See Also

BDS-Findings Functions that returns variable appended to dataset: derive_basetype_records(), derive_var_analysis_ratio(), derive_var_anrind(), derive_var_atoxgr(), derive_var_base(), derive_var_chg(), derive_var_ontrtfl(), derive_var_pchg(), derive_var_shift()



data <- tribble(
  ~ATOXDSCL,                    ~AVAL, ~ANRLO, ~ANRHI, ~PARAM,
  "Hypoglycemia",               119,   4,      7,      "Glucose (mmol/L)",
  "Lymphocyte count decreased", 0.7,   1,      4,      "Lymphocytes Abs (10^9/L)",
  "Anemia",                     129,   120,    180,    "Hemoglobin (g/L)",
  "White blood cell decreased", 10,    5,      20,     "White blood cell (10^9/L)",
  "White blood cell decreased", 15,    5,      20,     "White blood cell (10^9/L)",
  "Anemia",                     140,   120,    180,    "Hemoglobin (g/L)"

  new_var = ATOXGRL,
  tox_description_var = ATOXDSCL,
  meta_criteria = atoxgr_criteria_ctcv5,
  criteria_direction = "L",
  get_unit_expr = extract_unit(PARAM)

data <- tribble(
  ~ATOXDSCH,                     ~AVAL,  ~ANRLO,   ~ANRHI, ~PARAM,
  "CPK increased",               129,    0,        30,     "Creatine Kinase (U/L)",
  "Lymphocyte count increased",  4,      1,        4,      "Lymphocytes Abs (10^9/L)",
  "Lymphocyte count increased",  2,      1,        4,      "Lymphocytes Abs (10^9/L)",
  "CPK increased",               140,    120,      180,    "Creatine Kinase (U/L)"

  new_var = ATOXGRH,
  tox_description_var = ATOXDSCH,
  meta_criteria = atoxgr_criteria_ctcv5,
  criteria_direction = "H",
  get_unit_expr = extract_unit(PARAM)

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