derive_var_analysis_ratio {admiral}R Documentation

Derive Ratio Variable


Derives a ratio variable for a BDS dataset based on user specified variables.


derive_var_analysis_ratio(dataset, numer_var, denom_var, new_var = NULL)



Input dataset


Variable containing numeric values to be used in the numerator of the ratio calculation.


Variable containing numeric values to be used in the denominator of the ratio calculation.


A user-defined variable that will be appended to the dataset. The default behavior will take the denominator variable and prefix it with R2 and append to the dataset. Using this argument will override this default behavior.

Default is NULL.


A user wishing to calculate a Ratio to Baseline, AVAL / BASE will have returned a new variable R2BASE that will be appended to the input dataset. Ratio to Analysis Range Lower Limit AVAL / ANRLO will return a new variable R2ANRLO, and Ratio to Analysis Range Upper Limit AVAL / ANRHI will return a new variable R2ANRLO. Please note how the denominator variable has the prefix ⁠R2----⁠. A user can override the default returned variables by using the new_var argument. Also, values of 0 in the denominator will return NA in the derivation.

Reference CDISC ADaM Implementation Guide Version 1.1 Section 3.3.4 Analysis Parameter Variables for BDS Datasets


The input dataset with a ratio variable appended

See Also

BDS-Findings Functions that returns variable appended to dataset: derive_basetype_records(), derive_var_anrind(), derive_var_atoxgr_dir(), derive_var_atoxgr(), derive_var_base(), derive_var_chg(), derive_var_ontrtfl(), derive_var_pchg(), derive_var_shift()



data <- tribble(
  "P01", "ALT", 1, 27, 27, 6, 34,
  "P01", "ALT", 2, 41, 27, 6, 34,
  "P01", "ALT", 3, 17, 27, 6, 34,
  "P02", "ALB", 1, 38, 38, 33, 49,
  "P02", "ALB", 2, 39, 38, 33, 49,
  "P02", "ALB", 3, 37, 38, 33, 49

# Returns "R2" prefixed variables
data %>%
  derive_var_analysis_ratio(numer_var = AVAL, denom_var = BASE) %>%
  derive_var_analysis_ratio(numer_var = AVAL, denom_var = ANRLO) %>%
  derive_var_analysis_ratio(numer_var = AVAL, denom_var = ANRHI)

# Returns user-defined variables
data %>%
  derive_var_analysis_ratio(numer_var = AVAL, denom_var = BASE, new_var = R01BASE) %>%
  derive_var_analysis_ratio(numer_var = AVAL, denom_var = ANRLO, new_var = R01ANRLO) %>%
  derive_var_analysis_ratio(numer_var = AVAL, denom_var = ANRHI, new_var = R01ANRHI)

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