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Add an Aggregated Parameter and Derive the Associated Start and End Dates


Add a record computed from the aggregated analysis value of another parameter and compute the start (ASTDT(M))and end date (AENDT(M)) as the minimum and maximum date by by_vars.


  filter = NULL,
  set_values_to = NULL



Input dataset

  • The variables specified by the by_vars,analysis_var parameters and PARAMCD are expected,

  • Either ASTDTM and AENDTM or ASTDT and AENDT are also expected.


Grouping variables

For each group defined by by_vars an observation is added to the output dataset. Only variables specified in by_vars will be populated in the newly created records.

Permitted Values: list of variables


Required parameter code

The observations where PARAMCD equals the specified value are considered to compute the summary record.

Permitted Values: A character of PARAMCD value


Analysis variable.


Function that takes as an input the analysis_var and performs the calculation. This can include built-in functions as well as user defined functions, for example mean or function(x) mean(x, na.rm = TRUE).


Filter condition

The specified condition is applied to the input dataset before deriving the new parameter, i.e., only observations fulfilling the condition are taken into account.

Permitted Values: a condition


Variable-value pairs

Set a list of variables to some specified value for the new observation(s)

  • LHS refer to a variable. It is expected that at least PARAMCD is defined.

  • RHS refers to the values to set to the variable. This can be a string, a symbol, a numeric value, NA, or an expression. (e.g. exprs(PARAMCD = "TDOSE",PARCAT1 = "OVERALL")).

Permitted Values: List of variable-value pairs


For each group (with respect to the variables specified for the by_vars parameter), an observation is added to the output dataset and the defined values are set to the defined variables


The input dataset with a new record added for each group (with respect to the variables specified for the by_vars parameter). That is, a variable will only be populated in this new record if it is specified in by_vars. For each new record,

If the input datasets contains

See Also

BDS-Findings Functions for adding Parameters/Records: default_qtc_paramcd(), derive_expected_records(), derive_extreme_event(), derive_extreme_records(), derive_locf_records(), derive_param_bmi(), derive_param_bsa(), derive_param_computed(), derive_param_doseint(), derive_param_exist_flag(), derive_param_extreme_record(), derive_param_framingham(), derive_param_map(), derive_param_qtc(), derive_param_rr(), derive_param_wbc_abs(), derive_summary_records()


library(dplyr, warn.conflicts = FALSE)
library(lubridate, warn.conflicts = FALSE)
library(stringr, warn.conflicts = FALSE)
adex <- tribble(
  "1015", "DOSE", 80, NA_character_, "BASELINE", ymd("2014-01-02"), ymd("2014-01-16"),
  "1015", "DOSE", 85, NA_character_, "WEEK 2", ymd("2014-01-17"), ymd("2014-06-18"),
  "1015", "DOSE", 82, NA_character_, "WEEK 24", ymd("2014-06-19"), ymd("2014-07-02"),
  "1015", "ADJ", NA, NA_character_, "BASELINE", ymd("2014-01-02"), ymd("2014-01-16"),
  "1015", "ADJ", NA, NA_character_, "WEEK 2", ymd("2014-01-17"), ymd("2014-06-18"),
  "1015", "ADJ", NA, NA_character_, "WEEK 24", ymd("2014-06-19"), ymd("2014-07-02"),
  "1017", "DOSE", 80, NA_character_, "BASELINE", ymd("2014-01-05"), ymd("2014-01-19"),
  "1017", "DOSE", 50, NA_character_, "WEEK 2", ymd("2014-01-20"), ymd("2014-05-10"),
  "1017", "DOSE", 65, NA_character_, "WEEK 24", ymd("2014-05-10"), ymd("2014-07-02"),
  "1017", "ADJ", NA, NA_character_, "BASELINE", ymd("2014-01-05"), ymd("2014-01-19"),
  "1017", "ADJ", NA, "ADVERSE EVENT", "WEEK 2", ymd("2014-01-20"), ymd("2014-05-10"),
  "1017", "ADJ", NA, NA_character_, "WEEK 24", ymd("2014-05-10"), ymd("2014-07-02")
) %>%
  mutate(ASTDTM = ymd_hms(paste(ASTDT, "00:00:00")), AENDTM = ymd_hms(paste(AENDT, "00:00:00")))

# Cumulative dose
adex %>%
    by_vars = exprs(USUBJID),
    set_values_to = exprs(PARAMCD = "TDOSE", PARCAT1 = "OVERALL"),
    input_code = "DOSE",
    analysis_var = AVAL,
    summary_fun = function(x) sum(x, na.rm = TRUE)
  ) %>%
  select(-ASTDTM, -AENDTM)

# average dose in w2-24
adex %>%
    by_vars = exprs(USUBJID),
    filter = VISIT %in% c("WEEK 2", "WEEK 24"),
    set_values_to = exprs(PARAMCD = "AVDW224", PARCAT1 = "WEEK2-24"),
    input_code = "DOSE",
    analysis_var = AVAL,
    summary_fun = function(x) mean(x, na.rm = TRUE)
  ) %>%
  select(-ASTDTM, -AENDTM)

# Any dose adjustment?
adex %>%
    by_vars = exprs(USUBJID),
    set_values_to = exprs(PARAMCD = "TADJ", PARCAT1 = "OVERALL"),
    input_code = "ADJ",
    analysis_var = AVALC,
    summary_fun = function(x) if_else(sum(! > 0, "Y", NA_character_)
  ) %>%
  select(-ASTDTM, -AENDTM)

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