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Indices of Species Evenvess


The function specieseve calculates evenness indices that rely on relative or absolute species abundance.


specieseve(comm, method = "full", tol = 1e-8)



a data frame or a matrix typically with communities as rows, species as columns and abundance as entry.


a string or a vector of strings: one or several of "GiniSimpson", "Simpson", "Shannon", "Heip", "McIntosh", "SmithWilson", "full". See details.


a tolerance threshold (a value between -tol and tol is considered equal to zero)


Let S_i be the number of species in community i, n_ij be the absolute abundance of species j in community i, N_i the sum of all species abundance in community i (N_i=sum_j n_ij; the sum of row i in comm), p_ij the relative abundance of species j in community i (p_ij=n_ij/N_i). If method="GiniSimpson", the evenness index is that associated with Gini (1912) and Simpson (1949) diversity index: (1-∑_j p_ij^2)*S_i/(S_i-1). If method="Simpson", the evenness index is (Simpson 1949; Magurran 2004): (1/sum_j p_ij^2)/S_i. If method="Shannon", the evenness index is that associated with Shannon (1948) diversity index with neperian logarithm: (-sum_j p_ij ln(p_ij))/ln(S_i). If method="Heip", the evenness index is that of Heip (1974) (Magurran 2004): [exp(-sum_j p_ij log(p_ij)) - 1]/(S_i-1). If method="McIntosh", the evenness index is that of Pielou (1975) associated with McIntosh (1967) index of diversity: (N_i-sqrt(sum_j n_ij^2)/(N_i-N_i/sqrt(S_i)). If method="SmithWilson", the Smith and Wilson (1996) evenness index is calculated (Magurran 2004): 1-[2/pi*arctan(sum_j (log(n_ij) - sum_k log(n_ik)/S_i)^2/S_i)]. The function uses neperian logarithm for all indices. If one of the strings is "full", then all indices are calculated.


Function specieseve returns a matrix with communities as rows and the evenness indices as columns.


Sandrine Pavoine sandrine.pavoine@mnhn.fr


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ab <- batcomm$ab

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