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Indices of Species Diversity


The function speciesdiv calculates diversity indices that rely on relative or absolute species abundance.


speciesdiv(comm, method = "full", tol = 1e-8)



a data frame or a matrix typically with communities as rows, species as columns and presence/absence or abundance as entry. Note that with presence/absence (0/1) data, only species richness will be calculated correctly.


a string or a vector of strings: one or several of "richness", "GiniSimpson", "Simpson", "Shannon", "Margalef", "Menhinick", "McIntosh", "full". See details.


a tolerance threshold (a value between -tol and tol is considered equal to zero)


Let S_i be the number of species in community i, n_ij be the absolute abundance of species j in community i, N_i the sum of all species abundance in community i (N_i=sum_j n_ij; the sum of row i in comm), p_ij the relative abundance of species j in community i (p_ij=n_ij/N_i). If method="richness", the diversity index is the number of species. If method="GiniSimpson", the diversity index is that of Gini (1912) and Simpson (1949): 1-sum_j p_ij^2. If method="Simpson", the diversity index is (Simpson 1949): 1/(sum_j p_ij^2). If method="Shannon", the diversity index is that of Shannon (1948) with neperian logarithm: -sum_j p_ij log(p_ij). If method="Margalef", the diversity index is that of Margalef (1972): (S_i-1)/log(N_i). If method="Menhinick", the diversity index is that of Menhinick (1964): S_i/sqrt(N_i). If method="McIntosh", the diversity index is that of McIntosh (1967): (N_i-sqrt(sum_j n_ij^2))/(N_i-sqrt(N_i)). If one of the strings is "full", then all indices are calculated.


Function speciesdiv returns a matrix with communities as rows and the diversity indices as columns.


Sandrine Pavoine sandrine.pavoine@mnhn.fr


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ab <- batcomm$ab

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