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Plot-to-plot functional or phylogenetic dissimilarity and uniqueness


The function betaTreeUniqueness calculates Ricotta et al. (2020) plot-to-plot functional or phylogenetic beta uniqueness (index named U_F for functional data and U_P for phylogenetic data in Ricotta et al. 2020).


betaTreeUniqueness(mtree, comm, height = NULL, tol = 0.001)



an object inheriting the class phylo (see package ape), phylo4 (see package phylobase), or hclust. The tree must be ultrametric: equal distance from any tip to the root.


a matrix containing the relative or absolute abundance of all species in plots. Columns are species and plots are rows. Column labels (species names) should be assigned as in mtree.


either NULL or a numeric. See details.


a tolerance threshold. A value between -tol and tol is considered as zero. See details.


Object mtree defines a tree with species as tips. If argument height is NULL, then the root of the tree will be placed at the most recent common ancestor of all species occurring in the set of plots (given in object comm). An alternative position for the root can be given by specifying the height of the tree (argument height). In that case, height must be higher than the distance between tips and the most recent common ancestor of all species.

The tolerance threshold tol is particularly important if your tree is not exactly ultrametric due to approximation problems. In that case, the distance from tip to root varies according to the tip considered, although it should not (variations are due to approximation problems). A difference smaller than tol in the distance to root for two species will thus be considered as null.


The function returns a matrix with the values of the functional or phylogenetic beta uniqueness for each pair of plots.


Sandrine Pavoine


Ricotta, C., Laroche, F., Szeidl, L., Pavoine, S. (2020) From alpha to beta functional and phylogenetic redundancy. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 11, 487–493.

See Also

DP for plot-to-plot dissimilarities, treeUniqueness for alpha uniqueness


## Not run: 
phy <- read.tree(text=RutorGlacier$TreeNW)

ab <- RutorGlacier$Abund[, phy$tip.label]

# Phylogenetic beta Uniqueness between plots
# (Ricotta et al. 2020)
Up <- betaTreeUniqueness(phy, ab, tol=0.00001)

## End(Not run)

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