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Analysis of Diversity


Package adiv focuses on the analysis of biodiversity


Package adiv is dedicated to biodiversity indices used in ecology and conservation biology (see e.g. functions divparam, optimEH, QE). It also treats the concepts of species' originality (e.g. distinctDis, distinctTree, distinctUltra) and of dissimilarities between species and communities (e.g. dissABC, dissRicotta, dsimcom). Focus is placed on species, functional and phylogenetic diversity and on the apportionment of biodiversity across spatial and temporal scales (see for notably functions EqRao, EqRS, EqRSintra). Ordination methods are also available to depict in detail biodiversity patterns in space and/or time (e.g. crossdpcoa, dspca, evoCA, evoNSCA, evopca).


Sandrine Pavoine

Maintainer: Sandrine Pavoine <>

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