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Point estimates, confidence intervals, and p-values for optimal adaptive two-stage designs.


This package implements methods to evaluate the performance characteristics of various point and interval estimators for optimal adaptive two-stage designs. Specifically, this package is written to interface with trial designs created by the adoptr package (Kunzmann et al. 2021; Pilz et al. 2021). Apart from the a priori evaluation of performance characteristics, this package also allows for the calculation of the values of the estimators given real datasets, and it implements methods to calculate p-values.


Maintainer: Jan Meis (ORCID)

Other contributors:


Kunzmann K, Pilz M, Herrmann C, Rauch G, Kieser M (2021). “The adoptr package: Adaptive Optimal Designs for Clinical Trials in R.” Journal of Statistical Software, 98(9), 1–21. doi:10.18637/jss.v098.i09.

Pilz M, Kunzmann K, Herrmann C, Rauch G, Kieser M (2021). “Optimal planning of adaptive two-stage designs.” Statistics in Medicine, 40(13), 3196-3213. doi:10.1002/sim.8953.

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