s.arrow {adegraphics}R Documentation

2-D scatter plot with arrows


This function represents a two dimensional scatter plot with arrows linking points to the origin.


s.arrow(dfxy, xax = 1, yax = 2, labels = row.names(as.data.frame(dfxy)), 
  facets = NULL, plot = TRUE, storeData = TRUE, add = FALSE, pos = -1, ...)



a data frame used to produce the plot


an integer (or a vector) indicating which column(s) of dfxy is(are) plotted on the x-axis


an integer (or a vector) indicating which column(s) of dfxy is(are) plotted on the y-axis


a character vector containing labels for arrows


a factor splitting the rows of dfxy so that subsets of the data are represented on different sub-graphics


a logical indicating if the graphics is displayed


a logical indicating if the data are stored in the returned object. If FALSE, only the names of the data arguments are stored


a logical. If TRUE, the graphic is superposed to the graphics already plotted in the current device


an integer indicating the position of the environment where the data are stored, relative to the environment where the function is called. Useful only if storeData is FALSE


additional graphical parameters (see adegpar and trellis.par.get)


An other origin for arrows can be specified using an adegpar parameters: porigin. Graphical parameters for points and arrows are available in parrows and ppoints of adegpar.


An object of class ADEg (subclass S2.arrow) or ADEgS (if add is TRUE and/or if facets or vectors for xax/yax are used).
The result is displayed if plot is TRUE.


Alice Julien-Laferriere, Aurelie Siberchicot aurelie.siberchicot@univ-lyon1.fr and Stephane Dray

See Also

S2.arrow ADEg.S2


data(doubs, package = "ade4") 
dudi1 <- ade4::dudi.pca(doubs$env, scale = TRUE, scannf = FALSE, nf = 3)
dudi2 <- ade4::dudi.pca(doubs$fish, scale = TRUE, scannf = FALSE, nf = 2)
coin1 <- ade4::coinertia(dudi1, dudi2, scannf = FALSE, nf = 2)
g11 <- s.arrow(coin1$l1, plabels.cex = 0.87, plot = FALSE)
g12 <- s.arrow(coin1$c1, plabels.cex = 1, plabels.col = "red", plot = FALSE)
g1 <- superpose(g12, g11, plot = TRUE)

xy <- cbind(rnorm(50), rnorm(50))
g2 <- s.arrow(xy, plabels.cex = 0.9, plines = list(lwd = 1.5), parrows.angle = 20)
update(g2, plines = list(col = rainbow(5)))

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