insert {adegraphics}R Documentation

Insert a graphic into an existing one


This function inserts a first graphic into a previously created and/or a displayed one.


insert(graphics, oldgraphics, posi = c("bottomleft", "bottomright", "topleft", 
  "topright"), ratio = 0.2, inset = 0.0, plot = TRUE, which, dispatch = FALSE)



an object of class ADEg, ADEgS or trellis


an object of class ADEg, ADEgS or missing. If oldgraphics is missing, graphics is added on the current device.


a character value or a two-length numeric vector (in normalized parent coordinates npc from 0 to 1) indicating the position of olgraphics added into graphics


a numeric value from 0 to 1 indicating the size of olgraphics regarding the plot region


the inset from which the graph is drawn regarding the plot region. It can be a two-length vector giving the inset in x and y. If atomic, same inset is used in x and y.


a logical indicating if the graphics is displayed


a numeric value or a vector of values only used if oldgraphics is an ADEgS object, indicating the which-th sub-graphic of oldgraphics where graphics is added.


a logical only used if both graphics and oldgraphics are ADEgS objects with same length, indicating if graphics is added one by one int oldgraphics. It is used when both graphics and oldgraphics are created with facets option.


An object of class "ADEgS".


Alice Julien-Laferriere, Aurelie Siberchicot and Stephane Dray

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data(deug, package = "ade4")
dd1 <- ade4::dudi.pca(deug$tab, scannf = FALSE, nf = 4)
g1 <- s.label(dfxy = dd1$li, labels = rownames(dd1$li), plabels = list(cex = 0.75), plot = FALSE)
g2 <- s1d.barchart(score = dd1$eig, plot = FALSE, 
  ppolygons = list(col = c(rep("black", 2), rep("grey", 2), rep("white", 5))), 
  p1d = list(horizontal = FALSE), psub = list(position = "topright", text = "Eigenvalues"), 
  pgrid = list(draw = FALSE), pbackground = list(box = TRUE), xlim = c(0.5, 9.5))
g3 <- insert(g2, plot = FALSE)

mat <- g3@positions
mat[2, ] <- c(0.8, 0, 1, 0.2)
update(g3, positions = mat, plot = FALSE)
print(g3) ## square == NULL
print(g3, square = TRUE)
print(g3, square = FALSE)

g4 <- insert(g2, g1, posi = "topleft")

data(jv73, package = "ade4")
pca1 <- ade4::dudi.pca(jv73$morpho, scannf = FALSE)
g5 <- s.value(jv73$xy, pca1$li[, 1:2], porigin.include = FALSE, plot = FALSE)
g6 <- s.corcircle(pca1$co, = FALSE, plot = FALSE)
g7 <- insert(g6, g5, posi = c(0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6))

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