adeg.panel.label {adegraphics}R Documentation

Panel function for adding labels.


Panel function for drawing labels into a trellis graphic (lattice package) with or without boxes around labels.


adeg.panel.label(x, y, labels, plabels, pos = NULL)



a numeric vector, x-coordinates for the labels


a numeric vector, y-coordinates for the labels


a vector of character string, the labels


a list of parameters as an extract of adegpar("plabels"), used for labels' drawing. Each value can be a vector and will be recycled if necessary:

  • alpha, cex, col: drawing parameters for the text

  • srt: orientation of the labels, horizontal, vertical or an angle indication (in degrees). Boxes are not rotated. If the orientation is not near to horizontal/vertical (0/90), it is best not to draw the boxes

  • optim: logical. If TRUE, uses an algorithm trying to avoid labels' overlapping and outside limits

  • boxes: concerns the label's boxes. a list:

    • draw: logical. If TRUE, labels are framed

    • alpha, border, col, lwd, lty: rule transparency, border lines and background color


a position specifier for the text, used in panel.text. Values of 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively indicate positions below, to the left of, above and to the right of the specified coordinates.


Draws the labels.


For more information about the use of panel functions, please see the lattice package developed by Deepayan Sarkar.


Alice Julien-Laferriere, Aurelie Siberchicot and Stephane Dray


The algorithm used for labels positions optimization is inspired by the pointLabel function of the maptools package developed by Tom Short.

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if(require(lattice, quietly = TRUE)) {
param <- adegpar("plabels")[[1]]
xyplot(1:10 ~ 1:10, panel = function(x, y, ...){
  adeg.panel.label(x, y, LETTERS[1:10], plabels = param)})

if(require(lattice, quietly = TRUE)) {
param$boxes$draw <- FALSE
param$col <- "blue"
xyplot(1:10 ~ 1:10, panel = function(x, y, ...){
  adeg.panel.label(x, y, LETTERS[1:10], plabels = param)})

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