addline {adegraphics}R Documentation

Adds lines on graphics.


Adds a trellis object containing one or several lines on one or several graphical objects.


addline(object, a = NULL, b = 0, h = NULL, v = NULL, plot = TRUE, ...)



an object of class ADEg or ADEgS

a, b

coefficients of the line to be added, passed to the panel.abline function of the lattice package

h, v

numeric vectors giving locations respectively of horizontal and vertical lines to be added to the plot, in native coordinates, passed to the panel.abline function of the lattice package


a logical indicating if the graphics is displayed


Other arguments. Additional graphical parameters (see the plines list in adegpar and trellis.par.get). If object is an ADEgS, the argument which identify which ADEg is/are used for superposition.


An object of class ADEgS.


Aurelie Siberchicot and Stephane Dray

See Also

ADEg ADEgS panel.abline


# example extracted from the pedagogic file, here:
data(monde84, package = "ade4")
dfX <- = log(monde84$pib), croipop = monde84$croipop)
dfY <- = log(monde84$morta), lanal = log(monde84$anal + 1), 
  rscol = sqrt(100 - monde84$scol))
dfX0 <- ade4::scalewt(dfX)
dfY0 <- ade4::scalewt(dfY)
can1 <- cancor(dfX0, dfY0)
varcanoX <- dfX0
varcanoY <- dfY0
g1 <- s.label(cbind(varcanoY,varcanoX), labels = row.names(monde84), plabel.cex = 0.8, plot = FALSE)
addline(g1, 0, 1, plines.col = "red", plines.lwd = 0.5, plines.lty = 2)

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