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Animal activity statistics


Provides functions to estimate and compare activity parameters from sensor data.


Sensors that record active animals (eg camera traps) build up a record of the distribution of activity over the course of the day. Records are more frequent when animals are more active, and less frequent or absent when animals are inactive. The area under the distribution of records thus contains information on the overall level of activity in a sampled population. This package provides tools for plotting activity distributions, quantifying the overall level of activity with error, and statistically comparing distributions through bootstrapping.

The core function is fitact, which creates an actmod object containing the circular kernel PDF, and the activity level estimate derived from this. The generic plot function for actmod objects plots the distribution. Functions starting with compare make statistical comparisons between distributions or activity estimates. Note that all time or other circular data should be in radians (in the range 0 to 2*pi).


Rowcliffe, M., Kays, R., Kranstauber, B., Carbone, C., Jansen, P.A. (2014) Quantifying animal activity level using camera trap data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

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