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Barplot of model misclassification


Displays a barplot of either the proportion of simulations classified to any of the models or the mean misclassification probabilities of models for all tolerance levels in the "cv4postpr" object.


## S3 method for class 'cv4postpr'
plot(x, probs = FALSE, file = NULL, postscript
= FALSE, onefile = TRUE, ask = !is.null(deviceIsInteractive()), caption
= NULL, ...)



an object of class "cv4postpr".


logical, if TRUE the mean posterior model probabilities are plotted. If FALSE the frequencies of the simulations classified to the different models (default).


a character string giving the name of the file. See postscript for details on accepted file names. If NULL (the default) plots are printed to the null device (e.g. X11). If not NULL plots are printed on a pdf device. See also postscript.


logical; if FALSE (default) plots are printed on a pdf device, if TRUE on a postscript device.


logical, if TRUE (the default) allow multiple figures in one file. If FALSE, generate a file name containing the page number for each page. See postscript for further details.


logical; if TRUE (the default), the user is asked before each plot, see par(ask=.).


captions to appear above the plot(s); character vector of valid graphics annotations, see as.graphicsAnnot. Can be set to "" or NA to suppress all captions.


other parameters passed to barplot.


Model are distinguised with different intensities of the gray colour. The first model in alphabetic order has the darkest colour. If the classification of models is perfect (so that the frequency (or probability) of each model is zero for all but the correct model) each bar has a single colour of its corresponding model.

See Also

cv4postpr, summary.cv4postpr


## see ?cv4postpr for examples

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