jlsr.2010.ad {ExPosition}R Documentation

Data from 17 Alzheimer's Patient-Spouse dyads.


Seventeen Alzheimer's Patient-Spouse Dyads had conversations recorded and 58 attributes were recoded for this data. Each attribute is a frequency of occurence of the item.




jlsr.2010.ad$ca$data: Seventeen patient-spouse dyads (rows) described by 58 conversation items. For use with epCA and discriminant analyses.
jlsr.2010.ad$mca$design: A design matrix that indicates which group the dyad belongs to: control (CTRL), early stage Alzheimer's (EDAT) or middle stage Alzheimer's (MDAT).


Williams, L.J., Abdi, H., French, R., and Orange, J.B. (2010). A tutorial on Multi-Block Discriminant Correspondence Analysis (MUDICA): A new method for analyzing discourse data from clinical populations. Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research, 53, 1372-1393.

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