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Match isolated quotes across records


Look for unmatched quotes in a character vector. If found, look for a matching quote starting the next character string in the vector, possibly after a blank line. If found, merge the two strings and return the resulting shortened character vector.


matchQuote(x,  Quote='"', sep=' ', 
          maxChars2append=2, ...) 



a character vector to scan for unmatched Quotes.


the Quote character that should appear in pairs


sep argument passed to paste to combine pairs of successive lines with unmatched quotes.


maximum number of characters in the following string to concatenate two adjacent strings (possibly separated by a blank line) with unmatched Quotes.


optional arguments for gsub


This function was written to help parse data from the US Department of Health and Human Services on cyber-security breaches affecting 500 or more individuals. As of 2014-06-03 the csv version of these data included commas in quotes that are not sep characters, quotes that are not matched, lines with zero characters, followed by lines with 3 characters being a quote and a comma. This function was written to drop the blank lines and append the quote-comma line to the preceding line so it contained matching quotes.


The input character vector possibly shortened with the following attributes explaining what was found:

indices of the input x with an unmatched


Spencer Graves

See Also

strsplit1 delimMatch


chvec <- c('abc', 'de"f', ' ', '",', 'g"h',
            'matched"quotes"', '')
ch. <- matchQuote(chvec)

# check 
chv. <- c('abc', 'de"f ",', 'g"h', 
          'matched"quotes"', '')
attr(chv., 'unmatchedQuotes') <- c(2, 4, 5)
attr(chv., 'blankLinesDropped') <- 3
attr(chv., 'quoteLinesAppended') <- 4
attr(chv., 'ncharsAppended') <- 2 

all.equal(ch., chv.)

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