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Functions deleted from the Ecfun package


Several functions were deleted from Ecfun 0.2-5, because they no longer worked, and it was not clear if there was demand for them.

If you need them, you can get the documentation and code for them from CRAN > Packages > Archive (near the bottom center) > Ecfun > Ecfun_0.2-0.tar.gz. I don't expect the code to work. However, I might be willing to collaborate in restoring the functionality to Ecfun.

readFinancialCrisisFiles was a companion to a book. This function required the gdata package, which was scheduled to be removed from CRAN.

USsenateClass called by default readUSsenate. UShouse.senate and mergeUShouse.senate called by default both readUSsenate and readUShouse. The latter two and the remaining functions deleted did web scraping, and the web sites from which they scraped information changed, and it did not seem worth the work required to continue to maintain them.

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