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This package provides exploratory factor analysis-related functions for assessing dimensionality.

There are 11 functions for determining the number of factors (DIMTESTS, EMPKC, HULL, MAP, NEVALSGT1, PARALLEL, RAWPAR, ROOTFIT, SALIENT, SCREE_PLOT, SESCREE, and SMT).

There are also functions for conducting principal components analysis (PCA), principal axis factor analysis (PA_FA), maximum likelihood factor analysis (MAXLIKE_FA), image factor analysis (IMAGE_FA), and extension factor analysis (EXTENSION_FA),

Varimax rotation (VARIMAX), promax rotation (PROMAX), and Procrustes rotations (PROCRUSTES) can be performed.

The analyses can be conducted using raw data or correlation matrices as input.

The analyses can be conducted using Pearson correlations, Kendall correlations, Spearman correlations, Goodman-Kruskal gamma correlations (Thompson, 2006), or polychoric correlations (using the psych and polychor packages).

Additional functions focus on the factorability of a correlation matrix (FACTORABILITY), the congruences between factors from different datasets (CONGRUENCE), the assessment of local independence (LOCALDEP), the assessment of factor solution complexity (COMPLEXITY), and internal consistency (INTERNAL.CONSISTENCY).


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