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Simulated minke whale data with cluster size


Data simulated from models fitted to 1992/1993 Southern Hemisphere minke whale data collected by the International Whaling Commission. See Branch and Butterworth (2001) for survey details (survey design is shown in figure 1(e)). Data simulated by David Borchers.


data.frame with 99 observations of 9 variables:


Branch, T.A. and D.S. Butterworth. (2001) Southern Hemisphere minke whales: standardised abundance estimates from the 1978/79 to 1997/98 IDCR-SOWER surveys. Journal of Cetacean Research and Management 3(2): 143-174

Hedley, S.L., and S.T. Buckland. (2004) Spatial models for line transect sampling. Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics 9: 181-199. doi: 10.1198/1085711043578.

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