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Construction and evaluation of metamodels.

Package: DiceEval
Type: Package
Version: 1.4
Date: 2015-06-15
License: GPL-3


This package is dedicated to the construction of metamodels. A validation procedure is also proposed using usual criteria (RMSE, MAE etc.) and cross-validation procedure. Moreover, graphical tools help to choose the best value for the penalty parameter of a stepwise or a PolyMARS model. Another routine is dedicated to the comparison of metamodels.


This work was conducted within the frame of the DICE (Deep Inside Computer Experiments) Consortium between ARMINES, Renault, EDF, IRSN, ONERA and TOTAL S.A. (http://emse.dice.fr/).

Functions gam, mars and polymars are required for the construction of metamodels. km provides Kriging models.


D. Dupuy & C. Helbert


Dupuy D., Helbert C., Franco J. (2015), DiceDesign and DiceEval: Two R-Packages for Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments, Journal of Statistical Software, 65(11), 1–38, http://www.jstatsoft.org/v65/i11/.

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See Also

modelFit, modelPredict, crossValidation and modelComparison

Different space-filling designs can be found in the DiceDesign package and we refer to the DiceKriging package for the construction of kriging models. This package takes part of a toolbox inplemented during the Dice consortium.


## Not run: 
# A 2D example
Branin	<- function(x1,x2) {
x1	<- 1/2*(15*x1+5)   
x2	<- 15/2*(x2+1)
(x2 - 5.1/(4*pi^2)*(x1^2) + 5/pi*x1 - 6)^2 + 10*(1 - 1/(8*pi))*cos(x1) + 10
# A 2D uniform design with n points in [-1,1]^2
n	<- 50
X	<- matrix(runif(n*2,-1,1),ncol=2,nrow=n)
Y	<- Branin(X[,1],X[,2])
Z	<- (Y-mean(Y))/sd(Y)

# Construction of a PolyMARS model with a penalty parameter equal to 2
modPolyMARS	<- modelFit(X,Z,type = "PolyMARS",gcv=2.2)

# Prediction and comparison between the exact function and the predicted one
xtest	<- seq(-1, 1, length= 21) 
ytest	<- seq(-1, 1, length= 21)
Zreal	<- outer(xtest, ytest, Branin)
Zreal	<- (Zreal-mean(Y))/sd(Y)
Zpredict	<- modelPredict(modPolyMARS,expand.grid(xtest,ytest))
m	<- min(floor(Zreal),floor(Zpredict))
M	<- max(ceiling(Zreal),ceiling(Zpredict))
persp(xtest, ytest, Zreal, theta = 30, phi = 30, expand = 0.5,
	col = "lightblue",main="Branin function",zlim=c(m,M),
	ticktype = "detailed")

persp(xtest, ytest, matrix(Zpredict,nrow=length(xtest),
	ncol=length(ytest)), theta = 30, phi = 30, expand = 0.5,
	col = "lightblue",main="PolyMARS Model",zlab="Ypredict",zlim=c(m,M),
	ticktype = "detailed")

# Comparison of models
modelComparison(X,Y,type=c("Linear", "StepLinear","PolyMARS","Kriging"),
	formula=Y~X1+X2+X1:X2+I(X1^2)+I(X2^2),penalty=log(dim(X)[1]), gcv=4)

# see also the demonstration example in dimension 5 (source: IRSN)

## End(Not run)

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