LTabr {DemoDecomp}R Documentation

an abridged lifetable based on M(x)


Implements the abridged lifetable formulas given in the supplementary material to Andreev et. al. (2012). An entire lifetable is calculated, but only life expectancy at birth is returned.


LTabr(Mx, Age = c(0, 1, cumsum(rep(5, length(Mx) - 2))), radix = 1e+05)



numeric vector of abridged mortality rates.


integer, abridged age lower bounds.


numeric. Can be anything positive.


Chiang's a(x) is assumed in the following way: a(0) = 0.07 + 1.7 * M(0), a(1) = 1.6, a(\omega) = \frac{1}{M(\omega)}, and all others are assumed at mid interval. The last age is assumed open. Everything else is pretty standard.


numeric life expectancy at birth


Andreev EM, Shkolnikov VM and Begun AZ (2002). “Algorithm for decomposition of differences between aggregate demographic measures and its application to life expectancies, healthy life expectancies, parity-progression ratios and total fertility rates.” Demographic Research, 7, pp. 499–522. Andreev EM and Shkolnikov VM (2012). “An Excel spreadsheet for the decomposition of a difference between two values of an aggregate demographic measure by stepwise replacement running from young to old ages.” Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR Technical Report TR–2012–002).

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