Simulated survival expand-with-missing dataset 1


Simulated dataset SURVIVAL.EXPAND_WITH_MISSING 1, in a data.frame with 2060 observations of 12 harmonized variables. The dataset contains synthetic data based on a simulated survival model, including a censoring indicator.


Variable Description Type Note
id Unique individual ID integer Study ID integer Time ID integer
starttime Start of follow up numeric years
endtime End of follow up numeric years
survtime Survtime numeric years
cens Censoring status factor 0 = not censored, 1 = censored
age.60 Age centred at 60 numeric
female Gender factor 0 = Male, 1 = Female
noise.56 Noise pollution centred at 56 numeric dB
pm10.16 Particulate matter centred at 16 numeric µg/m3
bmi.26 Body mass index centred at 26 numeric kg/m2

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